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If you need an established lawyer for sound legal advice or to defend you on cases in and around Bozeman, MT, rely on the law office of Paul Grigsby PLLC. Atty. Paul has years of experience dealing with many legal areas, including real estate, employment, and many other cases. Together with his team of legal professionals, Atty. Paul will do his best to give you the best results possible.

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  • Aggressive and Unique Approach Towards Any Case
  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Focus Areas
  • Easily Accessible Legal Advice
  • Full Team of Legal Professionals
  • Years of Success in the Legal Practice

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Atty. Paul Grigsby believes that getting sound legal consultation does not have to be complex and intimidating. If you are involved in a legal battle and you are looking for well-versed lawyers to defend you, our legal team may be the right choice. Schedule an initial consultation by calling us at (406) 587-9440 today.
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