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As the premier legal firm in Bozeman, MT, Paul Grigsby PLLC provides legal support for a bevy of areas ranging from probate and estate to wrongful termination. We understand that going to court is not always the solution, but we are also adamant about arming you with the right tools and the right people capable of tackling any case you might encounter. So whether you are wronged by an individual or a massive corporate entity, rest assured that we will do our very best to defend you by any means necessary.

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Atty. Paul Grigsby has many years of experience in the legal practices, and mostly focuses on employment and estate cases among others. An accomplished lawyer with comprehensive knowledge of the law and its ins and outs, he also believes in building relationships with his clients, making sure that he understands each client and their specific goals. With an aggressive yet calculated approach to each case, Atty. Grigsby works towards the best possible outcome for any case put on his table.

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With years of experience in the legal practice and the knowledge to confidently handle your case, Atty. Grigsby and his legal team are the right people to call for legal representation in or out of court. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling us at (406) 587-9440. Discuss with us the details of your case and we will immediately craft the right course of action to meet your needs.

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